6 Brilliant Advice On Starting A Blog Help To Solve Biggest Problems (Revised 06-08-15)

The Best Way to Solve Your Blog Problem is to Know It

Bloggers, do you still need right directions or advice on starting a blog..?

I’d admit that I still need those…

Back in 2009, I went outside with my first blog in aim of finding successful and getting freedom.

I want to respond to my family happiness and make my dream became realistic — I want to be a jobless and I don’t want to work for others.

6 Brilliant Advice On Starting A Blog for Your Business

I never ever found my successful until I made my first sale online at the beginning 2013.

I sold an MLM business opportunity to a guy on Facebook — it’s my first $25 commission from online business.

How existed I was that time, though…

The same year, I made my first thousand dollars from my blog. I didn’t believe in what I do, but I did.

Yeah…, I did it — I ready earned thousand dollars from blogging and online business.

Anyway, did you ready make your first thousand dollars from your blog?

I hope you did…, if you didn’t get your thousand dollars commission or even your first $25.

The bellow tips would be a great advice for starting a blog and earn real money from blogging.


The common reason newbies aren’t success is they created a blog for sharing their journals, but they didn’t doing business.

That’s for sure…!

If you want to success with blogging, you have to make your blog as a business. You must use it to earn thousand dollars even thousands thousand dollars.

You must build a full-time income from your business blog and become a jobless — to be your own boss.

I’m the most stupid blogger who couldn’t success many years. I started my online job with blogging since 2009, but I made my first thousand dollars in 2013.

Make Your Blog as Your Business is Great Advice for Starting a Blog

I was a stupid blogger in this blogging world, but yesterday it was a surprising day — I found a surprise question on Quora.

A guy has been blogging over 10 years, but he didn’t yet to earn his first thousand dollars from blogging.

I did better than him, right..?

I’m a pro. LOL.

He did the big marketing mistakes, I wrote about those mistakes on another blog of minds.

Check out: 6 Monster Blog Marketing Mistakes, You have to Stop It.

An important fact for starting a profitable blog is to make others believe in you and trust on your business.

You must make people value your products, and  recognize those products are benefit to them or other relatives.

The single solution helps you to solve this problem is to make people though your blog is your business.

How can I do this…? You asked.

The common advice on starting a blog as business is to brand it.

That’s 100% true…, the people trust on your business and not you.

You must brand your blog to make others think it’s your businesses, and not a personal journal.

The first advice is to buy a domain and quality hosting service for your business blog. You have to create the image of professional business service.

You should hire a freelancer to create a professional blog which looks a business site.

Recommend check, Free WordPress Installation Service

All functions have to completed working, professional designing, and especially your business logo.

You also can do it yourself because creating WordPress blog is easiest and cheaper.

I’ll high recommend using premium WordPress theme. Free themes lacking of business functions, especially it causes many problems and less supports.

I’m not mentioning about lacking of friendly SEO and none beautiful designs, but there were many disadvantages.

Please do not waste your time those free themes…

Besides those above important facts, you have to integrate required stuffs such as rapid landing page tactics to get more people subscribed your newsletters.

The best way to make money blogging is to get more people in your mailing list and sell them through your email.

Email & Newsletters marketing is an important tool you must not skip.

The email service like Getreponse is now cheaper, other while you can go with free MailChimp service.


I went outside and trying to find out myself, it’s the hardest work which I ever did.

However, it’s what I must do to success my business.

The most fact makes newbies failed is they aren’t able to find out themselves — they don’t know what to make the work inspired.

Honestly, to success with blogging is to find out your natural power.Understanding Your Natural Powerful is Best for Starting a Successful Blog

You must learn how to use your natural power as ultimate weapon for fighting with others.

You’ve got to make other people interesting in your speech because you’re an inspired.

What you told them are brilliant ideas, and they love to follow what you said.

There were many people are talking about what inspired bloggers such as Copybloggers, Adrienne, Enstine, Carol, Ryan Buddish, Eleane Smith, and others.

Those people wrote many articles supported those above bloggers and linked them.

The reason those people spreading the above blogs’ speeches is they trust in them.

See, what amazing of those inspires did…!

They didn’t pay other people to promote their businesses, but the other love share it.

The  others appreciate in helping those bloggers to marketing their businesses.

If you could make yourself inspired, you’ll be able to grow your business fastest and lower cost.

If you could be coma an inspired blogger, you’ll gain the above competitive advantages — free marketing campaign.

But a magic question is “how can I get inspires?”

Well, it’s a big complicated to answer.

Getting inspiration is easiest or hardest works — you do simple work, or perhaps you have to learnt from others.

The most amazing thing in this world is came from simple elements.

If you want to make yourself inspired, you’ll have to find out yourself.

You must look for what your expertise is or what you love. That’s it, you’re ready to get inspired by just blog about those.

Your experience and stories are so interesting — it’s unique from others. I’m proofs.

You’ve got to be your own and blog about what you love. It’s enough make yourself inspired. It’s so simple…

Back in 2010, I was trying to make myself inspired, but I didn’t what to do it.

I tried to follow other authority bloggers. I tried to learn from him and follow him.

The reason I’m afraid of sharing my story, it isn’t good experience for others. I guest…

I was being another man, but not myself.

I’m lack of element to get inspired myself. I’m wrong.

Inspiration of yourself is no need to follow other people. Or perhaps you have to opposite from them.

For example, if they say right, you’ll have to say left. If they say the good, you’ll have to say the bad.

The first the time I wrote about my stories, I though it messes up.

I guessed nobody will love to read, but I’m wrong.

The unique people is unique experience, others love to read my stories. I started confident in sharing it.

Check 3 Reason Why Blogger Should Wrote Own Stories.

I started loving to share own stories, and I could recognize the natural power of myself.

Lots of bloggers even authority bloggers are afraid of my weapon — the mess blogging stories.

If though your work is nothing important or unnecessary, you wrong.

You’re a son of god. You own a natural powerful which everyone afraid of it.

If knew how to find you natural power and using as your weapon, you’ll be to get inspired easier.

Again, you must be your own and follow your dream.

Once, you must confident in yourself and you. You’re an inspired.

Other way, if you want to get inspired of your work or whatever you want, you must find the ways to develop yourself.

It’s a personal experience.

How can I write my first eBook? A question from a Facebook friend.

I have no idea, I wrote no book even my first book.

I went to Google and find more information about eBook writing and bought an eBook called “How to Write Your First eBook”.

I got more ideas and knowledge about writing a book, reading and learning.

I could get starting my first eBook writing. Now I finished around 50% of whole writing plan.

I believe that it will be finished as soon as possible.

It’s a free gift from me, I hope you’d love it.

Another, personal experience of writing.

I always got a lot of negative comments of my badly writing.

Oh, god..! What’s the mess of my blog post!

I tried to find out how to improve my blog writing skill, and I found some useful resources on internet

They’re free and paid training courses. I enrolled various online training courses.

I register 10 days trail Lynda training. I put plan for attending to training courses.

What I recommend for you,

Reading and learning are common way for personal development.

You can go to some bookshops and find books what topics you want to get inspire and plan your time for learn.

Another easier way is to subscribers other bloggers’ blog and reading their blog post.

Or you can buy some kindle eBooks from online stores like eBay or Amazon.

It’ll be easier in reading those books through your smart phone.

Online training is faster for personal development because learn others’ experience and watch it direct from trainers.

You may have to paid those online training, but it’s worth for you because you’ll improve much more capacity in doing business

I’ll recommend these bellow paid training courses,

I got some question from friends and asked me…, why I spent my money from online training.

I told him that I don’t want to be a weaker, especially weaker than others who are my competitors.

To success your online business is to improve more capacity for your business practicing.

It’s a single ways to get more ideas, and make yourself inspired.


Your blog is your business, thus you must plan for that.

Blogging plan is the most advice on starting a blog from other successors. I saw lots of Pro-bloggers mentioned it on their posts.

Business Planing is The Most Common Advice on Starting A Blog

Unlike other business, blogging is art, and it’s a high art business.

Hence, it doesn’t a simple plan, but you’ll a specific game plan.

I said game plan because doing blogging look like playing a game. Yes.., a business game.

Anyway, how could you manage your blog? And what kind of plan do you have?

I’d admit first I was running a blog, I’ve got no plan at all. I just committed to write and publish articles as many as I could do.

I tried my best to promote those articles on various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and somewhere else.

I worked very hard, sometimes it’s over 10 hours a day.

Even I was working hard with business, but I didn’t get success from that working hard.

I couldn’t get more traffic to my business blog, and I lacked of improving conversion rate.

There were a few people subscribed for my mailing, and I got less readers share my posts.

It isn’t an effective and efficiency working.

Working hard is not enough to get successful. You must use another element to add more values by working both hard and SMART.

I recognized that the successors are following their plan, they aren’t working hard but they worked smarter.

They spent a few hours a day for follow their plan, and then they take rests.

Wow…! That’s awesome…, blogging is much easier.

I learn from those and I prepared a game plan for my business blogging.

I spent 6 hours a day for working, but I found that the performance is much better than previous working.

So, what was I planned for blogging?

Well, I’ve got three kinds of plan

  • Publishing plan
  • Social engagement plan
  • Marketing plan

I heard that content is kind and I so realized on that, but I misunderstand its meaning.

The content is just a potential tool for blogger, they used the content for communicate with readers.

But the kind is readers.

I used to strive best to write and publish daily post. I spent day to promote those articles to over thousand social media platforms and groups discussion.

I expected to get a great result from that above hard working, but I didn’t.

I was blocked many days and many times because I was a spammer.

Facebook and Google+ put me in the jail, there were lots of users reported me as a spam.

Result, my posts were removed from Facebook and Google+.

The worst is that no people could open my posts url, it was marked as spammed links.

That’s right..! Content is a kind, but it’s not just simple content — the high quality content.

I got know that. I stop provide simple article to my readers, but trying to make more quality.

I simply wrote daily 500 – 800 words length, but I changed twice times a month of 1500 – 3000 words length, or even over 3000 words.

Check, how to write high quality content that go over 3000+

I changed to longer length and deeply discussion, I saw my readers much more enjoy in reading those higher quality.

The conversion rate was significant increased.

I got more people share my posts to various social profiles, and the traffic was increased from %15 to %35 every months.

Besides increased conversion and engagement rate, the content planning helps me a lot in saving my times.

I try my best to write one or two posts a week for both guest post and my publishing schedule.

I remain much more time for other works such as social media marketing, and other freelance services.

I stopped focus on promote my articles many social media, but I just selected fewer platforms where the most referral traffic.

I changed my game plan from promoting to engagement — I stop waste my time for sharing on lots of social media platforms.

I tried to communicate and create relationship with other people in social media networks.

I read their blog post and commented on those articles.

I did respond to my commentators both on my blog and their blog.

Sometimes, I share or retweet those articles if it’s a quality and helpful article.

It’s working for me…

I saw the engagement rate is increased — I got more people click on my links, and read my articles.

I tracked social media link clicked via BufferApp.

I didn’t try to work hard as before. I didn’t spent a lot of time for sharing my posts, but I used social media tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite.

It helps me a lot in scheduling my post to various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

I’m not being a robot, but I’m trying to save my time to work with human.

I’ve got much more times for other working and enjoying daily football at the afternoon.

Publishing twice articles a month is much easier for me.

I tried to write more articles for others as guest post.

This month I did 4 guest posts and 2 ready live, one on SEO Techy World and another one on Webmaster Success.

The guest post helps me a lot of increasing more traffic and build up online reputation.

I saw more comments on my blog posts, especially it from the unique commentators.


Have you ever that SEO is dead?

I heard a lot of authority bloggers said that it was dead.

They recommended focusing on readers’ engagement and improve mailing list.

I don’t think that SEO is really dead.

Working with SEO isn’t a worst advice on starting a blog, and improve better performance.

isn’t it?

Whatever, they said about SEO but I don’t realized that SEO isn’t work.

I’d admit that I’m not a good SEO hunter, thus I’m not getting much traffic from organic searched.

The Best Way to Solve Your Blog Problem is to Know It

Even I couldn’t get much traffic from search engines, but at lease more than 15% of whole traffic came from organic keywords.

I’m telling a secret, the authority bloggers are lying you about SEO blog content.

The professional bloggers said, they never care about Google changed, but they did.

They told us to stop worrying of keywords, but they did a great technique of place the keywords in post.

They hide those techniques from you and Google — they made the keywords so natural like a coat cake.

They told that they didn’t waste the time to create backlinks, but I saw that they’re so active working on it.

They’re the most active on publishing guest post and comment others’ blog.

What I’m trying to explain you here..?

I’m trying to explain you that SEO is completely working, and it never die.

If you did better SEO your blog content, you’ll increase opportunity in getting free traffic to your business.

Aren’t bloggers want it?

I’d recommend to spend a bit time to research the keywords and improving your SEO content writing.

I didn’t mention about Google Keyword Planner, but I’d recommend more powerful tool like LongTailPro (paid tool).

It is  ultimate tool for keyword research and selecting of profitable keywords for your business.

It’ll give you lots of useful information rather than just amount of searching and competitive rate.

LongTailPro will gives you useful information such as your competitors’ backlinks, Domain authority, and Page Authority.

Those are important fact will help you to spy your competitors.

It’s more than a keyword tool, but TongTailPro allows you to track your blog SEO performance as well.

It’s important to get regular monitoring your keywords rank and improve its current position.

If you understand about your keywords and you competitors, you’ll be easier in pulling your post up.

How’s awesome LongTailPro is work! I’d like to recommend using this kind of tool to optimize your post.

Remembers! if you’re able to get more organic traffic, you’ll gain better opportunity in present your business.

Is selecting right keywords enough?

Of course, it isn’t..!

There are lots of bloggers and webmasters are working on similar niche to your business.

They understand well of using of keywords and SEO Editorial guidelines.

You need to ask yourself a question “Why Google and other need to list your article on 1st position?”

if you could answer the above question, you’ll be able to list on higher position..

The facts to pull up your position are domain authority and page authority.

Google skipped their PR updating since last years.

The most of internet marketers and webmasters are focusing on improving authority of their blog and building better brand.

Backlinks and social media signal are so important for improving your blog authority.

You must focus on increase social engagement and creating quality backlinks to your blog

It isn’t just the simple links, but you’ll need high authority and natural links — to create backlinks from high DA and PA.

Guest post is the most recommended way for creating links and build authority. You should try your best to publish on other relevant blog as many as you can.

If you aren’t able to do that, I’ll recommend hiring freelance writer or guest bloggers to do it for you.

The guest post is a single way of effective marketing strategy, it provided long term earnings.

If you tried it, you’ll see a great result yourself…


If you want to drive up your business performance, you have to keep in mind of 2 important facts.

You’ve got to get more traffic and engage more readers.

It’d be great if you are an expert SEO, you’re able to get thousand visits from search engines.

It isn’t means you’ll be able to increase more sales from thousand monthly traffic.

Base on the research, the most buyers who bought your products are return visitors — first your buyers bought your product, after you solved their problems.

The important tool that can help you to engage loyalty readers and call them back to your blog is email marketing.

What are the email marketing best practices..?

The best practice of email marketing is to hit at lease 5% subscribers of your whole traffic.

It means if you have 3k monthly visitors, thus you’ll get 150 new subscribers a month.

Here are the processes of getting more subscribers to your mailing list

Your blog subscribers are so important, but building relationship with subscribers is much more important.

Your subscribers are waiting upcoming and useful information that will educate about some news knowledge and unique experience.

They didn’t want to read your products promotion.

Hence, what you have to do is to use email marketing to building relationship with your readers and not for selling your products.

You subscribers will unsubscribed your list if you sent them your product advertising.

You have to integrate newsletters with social media marketing tactics.

It’s the clever ideas for keep more connect with your readers and build truth of your business.

A brilliant internet marketer told that relationship worth billion dollars.

Did you trust on what he said..?

Yes, I did…

I made my first commission because my friend helps me to do it, and I got lots of friends on Facebook and others.


You want to solve the biggest business problem, thus you’ve got to know what exact your problems are.

You must identify your current issued to recognize your business problem, then find out the best solution.

The problems are always come with solution.

Anyway, did you know how much effective of your works?

The clever advice for starting a blog is to track report of your blog performance.

If you got enough information about your blog, you’ll be able to solve any issued problem.

Google Analytic is the best and free tool which available for monitoring every activity of your blog.

But what information should you track and monitoring it..?

There was little information that you should know about your blog,

  • Monthly traffic performance
  • Your blog SEO performance
  • Social engagement
  • How many readers who subscribed your mailing.
  • Conversion rate of your landing page, and
  • Your readers’ trends…

You also can track additional information depend on your business requirement.

The above tracking reports are what I prefer for minds, and example for you.

Another advice is you  should export your tracking report as PDF files or excel sheet for offline monitoring.

It’s the best ways for you to keep in taught with your business process and issues.


Blogging is the hardest business, and it isn’t free sleeping money as what you think about it.

If you thought that was…, I’ll recommend skipping blogging — you’ll waste your times with blogging.

The greatest advice on starting a blog for successful business is to put more eyes on it.

You have to invest both your times, resources, and financial to improve better performance.

You no need to work hard, but you have to be smarter.

You’ve got prepare completed game plan for your business, and tracking monitoring its’ performance.

Analyst and identify the issue that cause your business down, then find out the best solution to make it up.

If you aren’t able to solve your problem yourself, you must hire other people to solve it for you.

You’ve got change your game anytime you thought that it isn’t able to create better process.

Remember, a lot of businesses always change their plan until they got success.

I’d love to tell you my supper secret of getting successful.

It’s “you have to keep calm and patient”.

Successful isn’t overnight working. I spent almost 4 years to make my first $25 commission.

I hope that you’ll do it better than me.

But if you aren’t…, you’ve to continue you work because nothing is impossible.

I could get it done, and you are the same — we both are human..!

Final — A favor…

Blogging is hard and complicated business, thus sometimes you may made mistakes with it.

I’m same to you. I did a lot of mistakes during these 6 years blogging.

Hence, I always love to share my mistakes and experience to all newbies blogger who have the same habit of blogging addicting.

If you love this above article, I hope that you’ll help me to spread this.

Please kindly share this article to your friends and other people by just hit a share button. You also can subscribe my mailing if you not yet to do.

I promise to publish more useful articles similar like this.


  1. Vicky 2 years ago

    Of course blogging is a tough task and need lot of dedication and consistency lack of that most of people will fail to achieve goals which they decided.

    Vicky recently posted…Top 10 Largest Earthquakes in Recorded HistoryMy Profile

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      Consistency is the most important and core value of successful. Whatever the business or any job you’re currently doing, you’ll need to keep consistent and committing in achieving successful of your work. Vicky, thanks for stopping by and commented my new blog..

      Have nice day..
      Kimsea Sok recently posted…How to Start Best Small Business With BloggingMy Profile

  2. Sunday 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,
    Awesome post I must say! I completely agree with you that we should build blogs like business. It is after we have done this will can we actually gain traction and make solid investment.

    It is one thing to build a blog and it is another thing to build a blog business. There should be inspiration and the investment to make the blog business successful.

    Your post is readily awesome and there is no doubting the fact that we must start a blog business by following the necessary practical steps!
    I left the above comment in kingged.com where this post was found.

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      Sunday, thanks for stopped by and commented both Kingged and here…!

      The most of bloggers failed because the afriad with taking risk. Actually, blogging is the ways to build a realistic for life. Hence, there is no reason to skip investing for our happiness..
      Kimsea Sok recently posted…6 Monster Blog Marketing Mistakes You Have to Stop ItMy Profile

  3. Piyush Mathur 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    After reading, i can tell you must have given it good amount of time before publishing it. This is one of the most important factors for a successful blogger.

    I suppose you have done many right things after learning from your past mistakes, good job done!

    Piyush Mathur recently posted…Rapid Metro’s Second Phase Is Right On ScheduleMy Profile

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      Piyush, thanks you’re so welcome…

      Actually, I didn’t so right with blogging but I could improve by the ways I go with it. You know..? Mistake is a good teacher who teach us to do thing better, but the most important is taking action. If you don’t take any action, you’ll have no mistake.

      thanks for coming here, on my blog. I hope that you will back for new topics.
      Kimsea Sok recently posted…Mistakes That Can Cause Your Business to FailMy Profile

  4. Chery Schmidt 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    At first when I read this sentence I thought I read it wrong “” the people trust on your business and not you” HUM? But then after reading it more it made more sense to me. It is true people want to know that you have a real business Right?

    They dont just want your blog to be your personal journal as you have stated here, this is a really good point.

    I also agree that there are so many awesome bloggers, I noticed you mentioned a few and yes it is all about sharing the LOVE HUH?

    This was such a well thought out post, Thank You so much for sharing.
    Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…My Online Success 12 Step Daily Action PlanMy Profile

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      Chery, thanks for coming to my new blog and your sweet comments here..!

      Actually, the first I started my blog and I just share my person journal. I expected to earn from from Adsense. My wish is to get more visitors come to my blog and read my stories.

      Honest, I didn’t get traffic that time. The most of people looking for learning from profession person or companies. So, single solution is the make your blog more professional.

      And yeah..! You said, there were thousand awesome bloggers are blogging on internet but I just mentions some few of them. I hope to add more..
      Kimsea Sok recently posted…How to Start Best Small Business With BloggingMy Profile

  5. Naveen Kumar 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea Bro,
    Love this post and its the great post like as usual.
    Blogging is not an easy task for everyone. You need more motivations. hardwork, patience and deep knowledge of your niche.
    Tracking you progress is the main function in the bloging as it give you the motivation and give you a way that what you need to do and what are you doing. It helps you to setup a goal.
    Thanks for sharing these awesome views with us.
    Have a great day 🙂

    Naveen Kumar recently posted…Improve Your Blog Authority by Leveraging On-Page SEOMy Profile

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      Naveen, I was so glade to read your comment here…! 🙂

      Sure, you said…! Blogging is the hardest business, and it is high art but it doesn’t means that you aren’t able to success your business.

      You have to work both hard and smarter, but the process isn’t overnight successful. You may need to take long time to save your success.

      However, the most important is to enjoy your life. You have to keep relax and back for working. If you have sometime, I recommend to call your girlfriend to go for a walk.

      You learnt, keep tracking is the most important for solving the issued.
      Kimsea Sok recently posted…Mistakes That Can Cause Your Business to FailMy Profile

  6. Istiak Rayhan 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    Awesome post. Agree with your all points.

    When I started blogging back in 2012, it was just fun to me. I loved to share cool stuffs on my blog. Once I started considering it as a business, it started generating money for me.

    It’s good to share cool contents on the blog. But we have to understand how these contents can actually help us to make money. I notice some bloggers write great posts on their blog, but they don’t monetize it properly. I know they are very passionate. But it would be tough to keep the passion up when there is no result.

    The next important thing is, focus on a single topic. Some bloggers try to write about everything under the sun, from NASA to android phone. To build an audience, one has to focus on a single topic.

    Other important things are being passionate, gaining more knowledge, being up to date etc.

    However, thanks for sharing this awesome post.
    Istiak Rayhan recently posted…5 Guaranteed Ways to Make Money Without Google AdsenseMy Profile

  7. Tushar 2 years ago

    Well I really love your blogging schedule and you are quite right that we must divide blogging into parts so that we could focus on marketing and writing part also.

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    6 year is huge in blogging and the way you wrote this article justify your skills. Keep up the good work. 🙂
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    Heyy Kimsea,

    It so nice to see your tips on solution off biggest problem to start up a blog. Many newbie blogger quit from blogging not to solve these problem.

    Once they can see these awesome solution to rise their blog they will be able to enjoy with their blogging.

    You give brilliant tips to be successful in blogging.
    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad
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  11. Monna Ellithorpe 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    Great post and you have provided tons of valuable information for anyone starting out or even for experienced bloggers to read. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your success.
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    Its is Very Very Long and Interesting helpful Article For Starting Blogging Life
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    Hi Kimsea Sok,
    Very well written article, thanks for the information and keep writing such amazing articles.
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  14. Mukesh 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea Sok,

    Nice and informative post, spent good amount of time in reading through this post.
    as you nicely mentioned, blogging is a hardest business and need lot of focus to build any blog with good content.


  15. Tom 2 years ago

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  17. Adeel Sami 6 months ago

    Hello, Kim!

    Blogging is really difficult but so fruitful when it starts to pay off your efforts.

    It really is the time management and interest to not die to make your blog a success.

    Keep up the great work, buddy!

    ~ Adeel
    Adeel Sami recently posted…Which Plugins Do You Use?My Profile

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 6 months ago

      Hey, Adeel!… how are you doing, bro?

      I agree it’s so fucking difficult and fruitful and that why many people quitted blogging before they can get payment. The time constraint and interests make blogger complicated, or to keep up with their dream.

      I don’t know? I just don’t to work for and build others’ dream.

      For sure. I will keep up with my dream as I’m seeing now.
      Kimsea Sok recently posted…KLEO – A Flexible Premium WordPress Theme for Every BusinessMy Profile

  18. Md.Arman 5 months ago

    Blogging is truly troublesome however so productive when it begins to pay off your endeavors.

    It truly is the time administration and enthusiasm to not pass on to make your online journal a win.

    Keep up the considerable work, buddy!And, when the title like “Making a Blog”, again it puts another inquiry Blog to make or Blog Article to be make. I am expecting that there just blogging stages and trust so that Blogger and WordPress are more adequate to make a Websites not the online journals.
    Thanks For Sharing This Post .

  19. Santanu 5 months ago

    Starting a blog has become so easy these days with the help of WordPress. Thanks for sharing these useful tips as one need to follow them to have powerful web presence.
    Santanu recently posted…How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate ProgramMy Profile

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 5 months ago

      Hi, Santanu.

      Thanks for stopping by and your commenting.

  20. […] Starting  a blog is just half task done, what is next? The next task to promote blog so your site can get maximum traffic and target audience should reach and read it. There are many ways to promote and increase traffic on your business blog. Some of them are; […]

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