How To Become A Freelance Writer Even If You Are Bad At Writing

Do you want to become a freelance writer, but don’t know how?

Every morning in a coffee shop, I read the articles and see many writers make huge earnings through publishing e-books, business reports, white papers, and other projects. It’s what I’m intending, but the problem is English.

When I start a business with writing, English is a primary obstacle for a nonnative such as myself. Therefore, I don’t expect to receive high payment even a small buck earnings, but I demand to follow my dream and enhance the knowledge.


God gave me a chance to create a real career with writing. I write passionate along the way while trying to keep up with the dream. Thanks God, my father~

God is the same. He gives everyone the power to make life better—he helps you to start a writing career even if you aren’t a professional scribbler. You didn’t born with a pen, but a commitment to success.

This article will share you the key principles of success in freelance writing. Welcome to any beginner penman who struggles to be a freelance writer as you find the right place for getting started. However, the wordsmiths need to share the knowledge and stories so the comment form is yours.

Everywhere With Your Pen And Paper

This article is for the beginner level and poor writers. I don’t suppose how terrible you are, but I guess you’re better than me. My co-workers called me the king of wrong spelling while I was working for a company, yet many misspelling and grammatical errors depended on readers’ complaints.

I couldn’t conceive how I invented 5000 word article, but I did. Of course. I’m a pro freelance writer.

Not really. Not because I’m a wordsmith, but struggling to develop and finish the draft, in fact everyone and you can do the same. You will find it easy to produce a great article of any topic if you prefer and commit to fling off the story.

I won’t be able to publish this post unless I pledge to write a thousand words every morning. What I mean is you must write if you’re craving to start a writing career.

Writing isn't difficult, but needs more practice. Click to Tweet

Your pen will tell what to write when you come together—and everything is great for storytelling. You can compile your business story, funny time, traveling, and whatever you’re interesting. Learn how to tell a story to friends, families, and others by using pen and paper. Begin with short passage, elaborate the main ideas to make longer, and do your best to draft 5000 word article.

You said, “I’m sorry, I can’t do this. I meshed up the article.” You think you can, you’re right. You think you can’t, you’re wrong. No need to worry of meshing up the article and nobody intends to read, but you have to fuck off the despair of the dream.

Listen. You’ve done a great job.

Research interesting topics and read when your mind is empty or unclear where to start the story. Reading is a basic of writing and self-development—enhances general knowledge and helps you think as an author. The decent habit of reading and writing helps to build a tune of successful.

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Challenge with others and yourself helps to improve knowledge and craft a great upgrading. While a majority of universities are spending hundred thousand dollars to develop the challenges for students, writers and bloggers announce different and typical challenges on private blog to find the challengers. E.g.

Indeed, the universities, bloggers, and writers perceived the benefits of challenge and competition. In fact, I’m interesting in 60 Seconds Writing Challenge of Amazon Publisher. With this event, you can boost writing talent by spending a minute per day. A simple rule: when you get up in the fresh morning, you have to dash off whatever come to your mind and as many sentences as you could remember.

The challenge sounds a humble game, but is more than a game. Amazon Publisher challenge is both the way to refine writing skill and critical thinking, and not to mention the fact that lead to expand vocabulary and speed up typing. I convinced that the writers should join this challenge to advance their capacity and being more creative.

Google Docs Helps to Become a Pro Freelance Writer

An online application which allows to create document and store on Google’s network, but is a brilliant tool which helps many publication works. I grasped the benefits of using Google Docs when tried to submit a guest post—to get proofreading and peer reviewing.

Get on Google Docs to create a document, share the article by hitting the button on upper-right corner, and choose one of the permissions.

  • Anyone with the link can comment
  • Anyone with the link can edit

Share and ask friends to comment or edit the content. Once they’ve done and check what is wrong in the article, revise to fix the error, and learn from the mistake. Or email the document to friends for proofreading if you prefer not to share the link in social media. You need to email friends for several times unless you’re confident that no mistake appeared in the article.

Google Docs and your friends help you to conserve thousand dollars and even more when you know how to work with them.

Could you guest how much a proofreader charge for an article?

Most of the proofreaders and editors from Fiverr charge from $5 to $50 for 800 to 1500 word length. And sometimes, however, is much more expensive when consider a better service. For Instance, I might spend at least $150 when use proofreading or editing service for this post. Free proofreaders, former writers and your friends, help to save much money in editing your article why you must learn how to work with them.

Use A Blog To Drive Up Writing Talents

Blog or online journal is a significant tool for sharing worldwide information which is a major fact to grow the business faster.  Not only improve a business, but blog is the effective way to develop passionate writing. Blog helps to expand writer’s capability through regular practicing, gathering feedback, and social learning.

Promise me. You never laugh when read the bellow comment!


The Negative CommentThe third negative comment from my blog which recounted the mistakes of misspelling and grammatical in the post. At once I must rewrite the article to fix the errors after reading the comment, but I can’t due to many urgent works. I swear. I’ll revise the article as soon as possible.

I received many negative comments, even so I’ve improved and gone forward to a right place with the positive direction. Readers and commentators often pointed out the mistakes and provided a facile way to settle the faults.

Writing a blog gives us many crucial rewards both business and personal development, and if you demand to be a successful freelance writer, you must own a blog.

To create a blog is a shoestring and effortless, but needs to spend a few bucks to buy stuffs such as hosting and template. Depending on the requirements of your business, you might spend $10 a month for hosting service and around $50 for template. Please read my 6 advice on starting a blog, or visit the resource page for the recommended resources for blogging.

When discoursed on starting a blog, you might ponder a notable CMS (content management system) called WordPress. The CMS allows to manage a blog without knowledge of coding language such as HTML, PHP, and CSS. The GUI functions help in running the blog with less experience, and WordPress’s forums will be a great assistant when face with an issue.

Let’s dive in technical works of creating blog.

You first need to pick up a domain. Be careful while choosing the domain name for your business because that will be hard when you wish to change later. I suggest keeping the name short and simple for people easy to remember.

A domain name might cost $15, but is free on SiteGround. Not the reason I recommended this service, but SiteGround could offer you a high quality hosting performance and better customer support.

No product reviewing existed in this article, but Google is a good place if you demand the information. Please visit the resources page for extra options of quality hosting services.

Get on SiteGround and on WordPress Service Menu select WordPress Hosting.


SiteGround-Wordpress-HostingSiteGround will redirect you to a page for choosing hosting package so you have three options.


The StartUp is the most popular choice for starter, but I’m not recommending this package due to an upgrade needed. However, the option 2, GrowBig, is a noted choice for the business and recommended by many experience freelance writers.

Once you hit GET STARTED button and SiteGround asks to choose a domain name for the hosting package. You need to pick up a name, but make sure you remember what I suggested ealier (keep short and simple).

Click on PROCEED button to continue to the last step of registration. Siteground will bring you to a payment page if the domain name is available for registering. It’s your pay day. LOL!

Oh, wait. Please do not tell other this secret—SiteGround will give an extra discount when you hit back button of the browser. You’ve done the first step.

The next step is WordPress installing. I’m not writing technical works of the installation, but the bellow video is a complete step.

Congrats, you’ve finished the whole work. I hope everything is going well, but you must contact to SiteGround if something wrong with the installation. Please take a minute to check my free WordPress Installation Service

Let’s Tell Others, You’re a Freelance Writer

Guide to Freelance WritingBack in 2009 when I stated a fresh business blog. I met a friend while I was writing a blog post in a coffee shop. He asked me a fucking terrible question, “What are you doing?” I smiled with unconfident and answered him, “I’m writing a blog post.”

Can you guest why I’m serious with this question?

Many of my friends asked me the question, and often embarrassed me after I answered them—they laughed, unrealized the business, and disrespected my dream. I didn’t anger those friends. They might misunderstood how blogging works, notice how terrible I write, or the fucking whatever they might be

The year of 2009 was a depressive nightmare—hundreds of friends dissuaded me from keeping up with the dream. They advised to overlook the crazy career and stop wasting time with online scam.

I live in Cambodia, a developing country. The knowledge of people is better as compared to other developing and poor countries, but they not appreciate internet job. Your story will be a joke and few of Cambodian will trust you when you talk of working online. The reason, I do hate to answer my friend’s question.

Thanks god!

At the last, He, my friend trusted me and the answer wasn’t a joke, but an interesting topic. Plenty of his friends are interesting in blogging and want to meet up to discuss online career such as freelance writing.

He surprised and motivated me, and I noted that my blog impressed many readers. I’ve spent over two hours in the coffee shop to teach my friend basic knowledge of the online business.

A few weeks later, I met him again at the coffee shop, and he offered me an opportunity—the free WordPress installation and content writing service. The rate is low, but I’m appreciate.

To get a client. I might be a lucky man because he is my friend. Of course not. I did my best to market the business through the words of mouth. As I always teach and deliver the freelance writing career to others, I can get client when reached the right people.

To tell or teach your business to other people is an incredible marketing technique, and I’m not afraid of spreading and teaching others anymore. I’m sure, I am a big boy.

Proclaim Your Official Job To Readers

At beginning of this article, I suggested creating a blog and hope you’ve done. But if not, you have to create one now—that is a high recommending. I assumed you created a blog and wrote several posts there. Even if you don’t have many readers, a few readers are reading the articles on your blog.

The best way to get hiring faster is to promote yourself to those readers, and blog must be a ultimate marketing resource. The following sessions will teach you how to use blog for marketing your writing job.

Write A Remarkable About Me Page

The page related to you, but for the readers or clients. Most of the visitors interest in reading About Me of a blog. A better page covered overall benefits of a blog and encouraged the readers to keep engaged with the contents.

The visitors might subscribe for newsletters when perceived any interesting information for own sake. As the result, traffic and conversion widened, reputation increased, and sale graph went up.

Even plenty of miracles and chances existed, many writers or bloggers received a slight cake of benefits so must be careful while putting information on the page. Otherwise, you tend not to receive any reward from your effort. Here the techniques how I write the About Me for my own blog.

  • Give visitors an account for staying engage with your blog.
  • Help readers to find useful resources what they intense craving for such as providing the user guides.
  • Introduce yourself, your experience, and other supported materials.
  • Prove the quality freelance service by adding portfolio and testimonial.
  • Include variety email marketing best practice such as CTAs (Call to Actions) to persuade the readers to subscribe for update information or follow via social profiles

I didn’t realize a great About Me is easy to write unless you spent more time to research and learn how to do so. A facile way is to work with brainstorming hence you need to visit several blogs of prosperity freelance writers and learn how they build the page. I’ve prepared a list for you and hope you love these.

Writing A Killer Author Bio

A brief information regarding the writer and a noteworthy fact to influent readers to visit About Me page. The short bio is less than 300 characters or 3 to 5 sentences, and the long goes from 300 to 500 characters or 5 to 10 sentences.

A remarkable Bio inspires the readers to learn more and connect with a writer via social profiles. Sometimes, the Author Bio can be a CTA which convinces the readers to subscribe a mail list or sell them a product.

Readers interested in knowledge or resources which provided in an article, demanded extra resources or related knowledge, and wondered what else the writer can teach them, so they intended to find more information. The readers will seek for more detail if the Author Bio impress them. Make sure you’ve done it well.

While most of the freshman disregarded the important of writing a great bio, the experience writers were mindful of building and improving better bio. However, even those wordsmiths do care, writing a persuade bio isn’t an easy cake because they have to elaborate many information in a short paragraph.

I hope your Author Bio is a great one, but if you’re unsure, the bellow tips can point out what to write in bio section.

  • Prove the professional career and level of education. As an example: BBA, expert copyrighter at Forbes magazine.
  • Show readers interests so they will recognize you as the right person for them. E.g., you’re an active contributor of business, blogging, and marketing topics.
  • Convey a message of CTA for the readers who have similar interests. E.g. I’ve produced thousands quality contents of the interests, subscribe the list if you’re interesting in the articles.

Sway the readers with qualified education and experience, but if you have little, use the purpose of professional connecting to convince them. People desired to connect with whom have similar interests hence you have to tell them what your interests are.

The above are the techniques how I write a bio, but if you’re demanding more tips, you will find useful at the bellow links.

Hash out Your Freelance Writing Career Everywhere

As described above, I used to afraid of telling the career to others and even to my friends, but I changed. I shared and taught many friends related to online business and marketing. Not only friends, but others who aren’t my friends. I reckoned sharing knowledge helps to gain better knowledge and create reputation in line of business.

I’ve connected and helped many people to solve the problem using blog contents or in other ways, and I sometimes got questions from the readers who faced the problem in career or life. To help them to solve their problems, I tried my best to respond the wondering of those readers—I charted or emailed them the solution.

Last week in a coffee shop, a man asked me to create a blog for him. He wrote the books related to agriculture training and distributed to local market. As he knew blog is notable tool to push his books, he demanded to use blog for marketing the business. Again, a high productive day. The man paid me an awesome payment and considered other blogging service.

Do you know who refer me the guy?

While I was consoling with a policeman regarding the criminal law, my friend came and discussed building a blog for his friend. He said, “My friend wants to make a blog, can you help?” I responded, “I’m offering Free WordPress Installation with a great support and free business consulting.” A few hours later after I left the coffee shop, I got the ordering from my friend.

To connect with new people and friends, I taught many people related to blogging and freelance writing career, but I didn’t expect to get back any client. Once I solved their problem and they trusted me and referred other people to my business, or sometimes, they toke a trail of the service.

No matter what kind of business you’re current doing, whether it’s offline or online, the relationship always benefited the business. The people will appreciate in helping back your business if you often to help them. Indeed, helping others added values to create a strong brand reputation and that is a principle key for doing effective business.

Get Ready for Making First Payment

This not be difficult to get prepared for the payment and to hunt the first client, or you might have ready done if you followed what I’ve instructed. But if you not, I’ll teach you how to get prepared and start hunting.

Publish A Persuade Hire Me Page

A notable way to receive faster payment is to hunt outdoor clients, but better if you can bring the clients to your office. Use a statistic page of your blog to convey a message of a quality service.

The Hire Me is a page which lands and sways readers to hire or consider your service. On the other hand, setting up Hire Me page is a preferred technique for up-selling the service so you must create a conversion one. Here the bellows are what you wondering.

Headline Convinces Clients to Learn More

Not my opinion, the headline affected human’s emotion and attention. Most of the marketers recommended using transformation headlines and claim that writing a great headlines helps to grab attention of the readers. Hundred articles and tutorials suggested using variety catch eyes headlines in the landing page thus be careful of using headlines while creating the Hire Me Page.

Many of the freelancers did mistakes by placed none sensitive headline on their page. For example:

  • Hire Me as author and editor
  • Are you looking for a great freelance writer?
  • I can produce the great business article for your website

What can you make sense after read the headlines?

He or she is a writer for hire, and the last is a better as the writer focused on business writing. However, the headlines didn’t convince me to choose the service, but I’m considering the better writers.

We use headline to convey the values of a service to client, but not to express what the service is. For instead, I preferred a headline from Writing My Destiny as he proved overall benefits of his service in a single headline.

“Enhance brand reputation, boost traffic and attract new customers”

The headline is much more sensitive and told that the writer has high knowledge and experience. He might be a SEO copywriter who understand how to drive up traffic using content, or he aware of how to work with new customers.

Yes, this writer is who I’m demanding.

Headline revealed the quality and what service is. Sentence of the headline must induce clients to fine more detail information related to your writing service.  Learn how to express benefits of the service to prospective and focus on core values of the service and not the service itself.

Body Content Of Hire Me Supported The Headline

Despite of convincing headline, the body content of Hire Me is another noted part to elucidate how a client could enjoy using service. In Writing My Destiny’s case, Jaward Khan promised to give his clients three core values: to build brand reputation, drive up more traffic and engage new customers.

But when I arrived at the detail of the page, I didn’t much trusted on what he said in the above headline. Jaward didn’t explain me how he could help to build brand reputation, engage with customers, and even how to get traffic. He only mentioned his works on famous blogs, but I’m not so realize those links.

He did a great job, but the client will be much more appreciate if he elucidates how he works for client’s project. As result, the clients not eager to pay for the service if they’re still wondering.

Paper Planes is a good solution. Not to mention the use of headline, but body content of Hire Me page. Alana persuaded her client by exposing the level of education, professional experience, and how she works to help the client in achieving high performance. Please read the bellow paragraph.

While I know how to work traditional media (securing print coverage for previous clients in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Outside Magazine, and Us Weekly), I also can connect directly with your target audience and influencers through social media, digital coverage and good old’ fashioned face-to-face interaction. Read the regional page.

In a condition as required, she will communicate to the clients of her client through social media or meet up to interact—Alana explained the extra benefits what a client is craving for.

Back to Jaward. Many people knew the content can build brand reputation, drive up more traffic and attract new customers, but they might not understand how a content works. He had better to describe why his content is working better than others.

To convince the client, you have to use variety headlines and write impressive explanation in the body content of Hire Me. However, your effort not to be enough for client to pay for your service since you need another important. We don’t go far away from Jaward and Alana, hence have a glimpse of what the difference between these two writers.

While Alana left a few testimonials to prove a quality writing, Jaward has provided the client a chance to reviews his service—he listed and linked to his earlier projects. Clients are experienced in choosing a service and knew how to buy a right one. Jaward welled than Alana as he transfers the client to a right place for deciding.

You must add both testimonial and portfolio in the Hire Me page to push the client. Snapshot the prior projects as portfolio, link to the original article to reveal quality of the service, and use testimonial from the former clients to persuade new clients. Not only evident, but to prove exact quality of the service.

The portfolio and testimonial is so important for influential clients, in fact building those evident isn’t an easy cake for a freshman. I used to face with the problem and wonder how to prove the quality of my freelance writing service. Thus, I did many research and found a facile way to create portfolio and testimonial.

The Informal Ways to Build Portfolio

An important facet for up-selling and confirming the quality of a service is to deliver many works to the fortune companies as portfolios and that isn’t a stress-free job since the high quality companies require high standard. But don’t be serious, and I’ll teach you how to create portfolios even if you’re a freshman.

No Need Any Portfolio Because You Ready Had

To get a portfolio isn’t difficult and impossible, but you must patient and commit in putting together your efforts. Or sometimes, no need any portfolio since your post has proved a quality writing service. You earn reputation as a qualified freelance writer when you often published useful articles, the solutions to readers or client’s issued, and high demanded articles.

Isn’t that an amazing portfolio?

Focus on creating excellence articles to make yourself outstanding if you have little experience in producing the content for company, so clients will notice your distinction while reading the post. Another way, what I learn from Carol Tice, guest blogging is a guarantee way to get you a better portfolios.

Use Guest Post To Get A Testimonial And Portfolio

I looked for any bloggers who published guest post and emailed them to propose the article contribution, but I didn’t request for any testimonial or portfolio. Once a blogger accepted the proposal and I sent him my article for reviewing. A few days later, the guest post lived on the blog.

What’s next?

To interact with the blogger and readers, I marketing the guest post on social profiles plus mentioned blogger’s name, promoted the article through mailing list, and responded each commentator. Result, the blogger appreciates what I worked for him, and then I emailed to ask the blogger to write his thought as regard the guest post.

In the email, I thank for the opportunity of guest contribution, introduce my writing service to the blogger, and expressed the needs of portfolio. The blogger is so kind and said, “No, problem! I’m appreciate.” then they wrote me a testimonial. Now is your turn. Try to contribute guest posts if you’re craving to have get the portfolio and testimonial to prove your writing service.

I’ve advised you to connect with other former writers and bloggers in the above tips and hope you have friends who are bloggers. Contact the friends and propose a guest contribution at once they accepted the proposal, and you send them a high quality content.

Be aware. Guest post isn’t for getting portfolio, but to expose the writing talent, and the article is useless when try to publish without deserving of high quality. Furthermore, no blogger is accepting the content which written by a man who only need to promote his business.

The first experience is always terrible thus you have to keep up when blogger rejected your contribution. The bellows are the steps I used for submit guest post and hope it’s helpful.

  • Ask the blogger for feedback related to the article when rejected.
  • Revise the content to fix mistake and submit to another blog.
  • Repeat step one unless the blogger publish your guest post
  • You’ve done

Hope the article lived on a famous blog now, but you have another important job which need to be done. Go back the rejected blog to contribute a new article and try to get published there.

To be a better writer, you need a propensity to finish and satisfy the client, so put yourself on a challenge and compete. As explained at beginning of the article, the challenge have many benefits of self-improvement and career development. I wish to see you won the challenge why I asked to keep up with the rejected blog.

Hunt Your First Client on Outdoor Sources

Every morning, I check email and look for a contact from client, but see no query. A lack of earnings makes me hard to bear with difficult condition and worry of the career. I went to a forums and asked a question: how can I become a freelance writer and make real money?

Forums gave me many solutions, but the most interesting reply is to hunt outdoor client on freelancer sites. Although you’re free to seek for job on the site, but thousands of people sucked of high competition and low paying job.

No place for loser. No choice, you have to fight. Not to worry of competition because you never fight with Superman, Ironman, Captain America, and even a pro. Most of the authority writers are demanding high payment and not realize on freelancer sites thus they won’t usurp a small cake of Content Mills in your hand.

However, although only the few authorities existed on freelancer sites, many experienced and medium level writers are working over there hence you have to be a clever hunter. I suggest finding a suitable gig which from $5 to $15 and that might be a plain content for web without outdoor research.

Become a Super Warrior on Fiverr

Fiverr is the most popular and best place where a freshman writer can start a new writing career. The site doesn’t require high knowledge or experience to get starting and earn. If you don’t mind eating small cake, Fiverr must be the best place for hunting your first payment.

Okay! Here we go to Fiverr and make money.

First, to sell your writing service, you need account so get one. Fiverr will ask to complete a registration form when register for new account. You free to fill out the form, but one thing to keep in mind—you can’t change the username after completed registering.

Many freelancers claimed that using real name as username helps to build reputation and convince more buying, but the experts preceded username with keyword. For example: LindaWriter and BrandOnJohn. Buyers can understand what service you’re offering when combine keywords with the username.

Profile information is another notable part of Fiverr account, and I recommend using the same info which used as bio on your blog because this helps to build better brand.

Second, clarify what service you can offer to a client. Fiverr provided a few kind of writing services under Translation & Writing. Go through the categories and pick up a few interesting gigs, read what freelancers are offering to their clients, and hit yourself these questions.

  • Can I do this?
  • Can I offer this to my client? OR
  • Can I create a better service than this gig?

You’re enough to go if your answer is “YES, I CAN”. Then go next step.

Third, buy the gigs which you’re preferring to sell. Learn how a freelance writer sells, delivers, and communicates with the client related to a service offering. A good seller is first a buyer, so you must invest a little money to build your business.

Fourth, create the gigs and sell your services. You can monetize and success with Fiverr unless your gigs standout of thousands gigs of other freelancers. Learn how to create a winning gig which persuade more buying.

Each category of Fiverr has three filter options: High rates for the most buying, Recommended for high recommending, and New for new added. Select the gigs from different category and find what the difference between the gigs, and the useful questions are.

  • Which is a better writing gig, depend on your opinion?
  • Why is it better than others? AND
  • Can you make the gig better?

Once answer the questions and you have an idea for creating a winning gig. Find the assistance on Fiverr Academy or Forums when difficult to answer the questions.

A majority of writing gigs published on Fiverr every single day and that make a freshmen hard to get earning. To solve this problem, many freelancers invited friends to buy and leave a positive review on their gigs. Nonetheless, I don’t realize the solution—waste the time and friends’ money.

Clients are the same, whether on Fiverr or your business blog, they often mindless what people are talking of your service. In fact, they demand to understand the quality of the service before paying for your writing. To prepare several samples for client is a better solution, and Fiverr allows you to attach variety PDF files as portfolios.

The last, to have a specific game plan for working with Fiverr. As an example, spend an hour a day and five days a week for working. Be aware, you are a freelance writer who own business blog—you had better to focus and keep more eyes on own blog.

Although Fiverr isn’t your primary business, it’s a preferred earning source which helps to survive your writing career while less income. Give a balance between your business and Fiverr, or do not waste your time with Fiverr if you don’t keep up.

Propose A Writer Opportunity To Bloggers

I used to be a jobless for over three years—it was so difficult—no money, no friends, no enjoying, no traveling, and no everything. Damn it!

I do fucking hate that nightmare so much! I’ve submitted my resume to over 100 job opportunities, but couldn’t get any job and even an interview. I told myself, “I have to get a job and never being jobless again.”

God lets no one dies. I ended up with an assistant manager position at a local school in my hometown. The job didn’t pay me high earnings, but I could survive with enough earnings. That’s fucking awesome. Yes, it is.

Do you want to guest how I get employment?

The talkative made me luck. As I always appeared in the coffee shop, most of the chances existed over there. I spoke to a man who is a school manager related to habit and lifestyle sharing, but didn’t propose any opportunity.

I asked the man a question, “what is your job?”

And he answered, “I’m a school manager and shareholder. The school is growing well, even so I difficult to manage the business.”

I advised him, “Many helpful assistants are available both offline and online, but why don’t you hire someone who can assist in doing the business.”

He replied, “I’ve recruited and interviewed many candidates, but I couldn’t find anyone who qualified the position.”

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long ago. I told the man I have 10 years’ experience working as administrator and assistant for both local and international companies. Despite these experiences, I’ve been working as a blogger and freelance writer since 2009 and involving many business functions such as managing and marketing.

The man interested what I spoke to him and discussed many related experiences and business. The coffee time ended with an opportunity as the assistant manager—he hired me.

Back to the topic. Every day, I get many proposals from bloggers, writers, and marketers who visited my blog, and those people proposed many opportunities such as content writer and blog marketers.

Many leisure opportunities are available on the internet thus you must try to find an opportunity which fit to you. An extra way, fine the individual businesses which is current growing and send them the job proposal. Sometime, a business or blogger isn’t current hiring, but you have to send them the job proposal. Nothing to lose.

Jump Up To The Next Level Of Successful

I assumed you succeed in first step, and it’s now the time for step up the career to next level of successful and being a pro freelance writer. In this part, you’ll go deeper in marketing the business, preferring higher payment, and developing new product.

While planning a productive day, I reflect how to transfer myself to the positive direction, and the bellow questions are what appeared in my mind

  • What can I use to get more clients or increase better productive?
  • How can I add values to the work for rising higher payment rate?
  • Should I create a new product and deliver to market? AND
  • What product should I develop to make better income?

The above are what I’m thinking. And you?

Hope you’re planning or considering of moving up the career to next level, but we must discuss a few topics if you aren’t ready.

The Humble Ways To Hunt Client Better

The best way to hunt more clients is to build better brand reputation and expose the business to wide-ranging people. But who are they? The regular readers are.

You understood two benefits of writing a blog: to improve better writing skill and to state the official business. I here will teach how to use blog to marketing the business and to get more clients.

Blog content isn’t a simple story and journal, but content marketing which use to push the prospective to visit your office. And so, produce more inspired content marketing for your writing business.

What do you mean, the inspired content marketing?

The content that executes more readers and buyers—converts more traffic and engage new readers—asks them to subscribe the list and transfer to buyers. You create a big chance to engage with readers and that what helps you to get more clients when drive many readers to your business blog.

Content is king, and only the content can help you. Readers read your blog post to educate general knowledge, to find new experience, or to solve a specific problem of their business or life. Make sure your content responded YES to the bellow two questions:

  • Does the content respond what readers are wondering?
  • Does your content make readers remarked the inside values?

I hope the answer is YES, so the readers are often sharing love to visit your blog. In contrast, tweak out the content marketing if nothing responded to the readers. Two steps help to solve the problems of a lack of responding are to analyst the current performance and to offer the right solutions to the readers.

Create A KPI For Measuring The Business Performance

One way to solve problem is to understand root causes of the current problem by analyzing the performance to identify the issues of your content marketing. As the rule, you need to create a KPI (Keys Performance Indicator) for measuring your current performance.

KPI is flexible and adapts itself to many problems, so setup a scope and a limitation for your analyzing. However, you have unlimited rules of what to keep tracking, and in my case, I demand to understand the follow performances of content marketing.

  • How much traffic does the content deliver to my blog?
  • What are the referral sources or keywords of the delivered traffic?
  • How is the conversation of each article and referral source?
  • How many people have shared, commented, and linked to article from outside sources?
  • How many readers have subscribed for newsletters or followed on social profiles after reading the article?

With these information, I can track and tweak out many problems of business such as to identify how to use content in the right way and to understand how to engage with readers. Again, unlimited way to keep track of the business performance, and you can track whatever to improve your procedure.

Provide Right And Dynamic Solution To Reader

Communicate and ask readers for problem make you close to them and that helps to identify what issue of readers are. Many writers, marketers, and bloggers cannot satisfy their readers because they unclarified the exact problems. We can say they didn’t learn what the need of the readers are or make them confused.

An article from Universal Blog educated me many knowledge related to reader engagement and relationship building. To find out the problem of readers, Don, the founder of the Universal blog, asked his readers to email him a question or any discussion, and expressed his appreciation in coffee shop together.

To understand the problem of readers and to respond to those issues aren’t a difficult, but as simple as convey a message to ask for problem. As an example, leave a message at the end of article to show an opportunity of free consultant or business discussion. Once identify what the exact issue is and give the reader a right solution.

In contrast, a lack of responding and getting less engage with readers not because you misunderstand the issue, but give the readers too many solutions. As remarked by Andrienne Smith, a blogging community supper star, a post didn’t respond to the readers as you tried to solve multi-problems in a single article. The readers confused or hard to get what you’re trying to teach them.

A 5000 word article might take you less than five hours to write, but blogging isn’t sitting, writing, and publishing the article. Providing dynamic solution to the problem requires many researches, and you need to include several case studies or examples to help readers understand the provided solutions.

Many and different case studies and examples appear to be the solutions when you try to solve multi-issues in a single article that confuse readers or make them hard to find a right solution. As the readers hard to find the solution, you lacked many of the readers’ attentions.

A suggested solution to avoid confusing in the article is to choose one of the most problems of the readers and draw attention to solve the problem. The readers are much more appreciate when receive dynamic solution to the problem in a specific case.

Once you help the readers to solve a problem using a post, they will love to share the article to friends, colleagues, or families as they believed the article has values for their relatives. The result, the traffic and conversion widened, and you built a big brand reputation.

You Need To Plan And Marketing Like Crazy

Writer's Marketing 2016Besides the writing, a freelance writer have myriad tasks need to be done. Create high quality articles follow the publish schedule, distribute the contents to the readers through social media channels, and respond to readers who commented the articles.

And more, you need to spend more time for doing SEO (search engine optimization) such as research keywords for new topics and create backlinks to the contents by contributing the articles to verity blogs.

While you’re struggling to finish sundry works, the children are playing in the playground in front of your house, and you must take care of them. Or a kid is waiting at school, and needs you to drive her home. I’m sorry to tell you, but today is the deadline of a client’s project, and you cannot miss the deadline.

Being a freelance writer is an easy cake, but to success is much more difficult unless you’re enough dynamic and SMART to control multi-tasks of the business. The management and marketing skills are what you must improve to step the career to next level.

No doubt if you experience with many digital marketing and managing multi-tasks of the business, but if the knowledge has limitation, I wish you’re considering seeking for the training courses of what you need to advance. Lynda is an accountable and quality learning platform which cost you only $25 to access unlimited training courses. Click here to access 30 days free trailer.

SEO is a facet of marketing which affected online career. When you’ve done it in right way, SEO converts millions readers or clients to your business blog. However, Google and other search engines didn’t help to get as many clients as what you’re expecting although they sent many traffic to your blog.

A majority of writers sucked with optimizing SEO for their content, but I don’t and you too. No need much concerning since WordPress CMS came with complete SEO optimizing, and the bellows are only what you must pay attention.

  • Research long tail keywords and select appropriate competitive rate
  • Use natural ways to place the keywords into important parts of the content such as title, description, image, and body content
  • Learn how to use keywords as Anchor text to past value of link juice
  • Create relationship with fortune writers and contribute the articles to expose brand reputation and get more backlinks
  • Setup a social media game plan and deliver the content to readers

Please watch the bellow video for better SEO optimizing

Be aware. Even you need to act many different roles such as manager, writer, and marketer, you’re still a freelance writer. What you have to focus is to engage with the readers and improve better quality, and not serious with search engines optimizing.

It’s The Right Time To Say Bye Content Mills

I taught you hunting client on Fiverr and eating small cake, but now please say Good Bye to Fiverr and the Content Mills. Hope you are monetizing your blog or enjoying selling service on Fiverr.

But are you sure, your payment is good enough for this hard working?

Congrats to hear that you have a good earnings, but we will discuss rating your work if the earnings isn’t good enough.

The experienced writers can earn $0.05 to $0.15 per word or $350 to $1500 per writing project. The earnings report told that $35 to $50 is hourly rate of medium level and over $100 for high level writer. My earning is less than $35 an hour, but it isn’t what we’re going discuss, otherwise the bellow is what you eager to learn.

While most of the freshman writers have the same problem—getting less payment rate, the authorities are discussing many topics related to avoiding the Content Mills. The different writers used different techniques to rise their rate, but the most I love is Linda Formichelli’s & Carol Tice’s.

How to Earn $250 an Hour—Linda Formichelli

She shared the experience of earning over $250 an hours as a real freelance writer. This sounds crazy and impossible, but she did—Linda spent four hours to complete a thousand dollars project so the rate is $250. To get higher payment, Linda focused on two important steps: speedup the work and get higher rate.

What if you work faster than Linda? For example, you only spend three hours to finish that project. The rate increase from $250 to over $300 an hour.

A good management plan and faster typing can speed up your process, so plan and limit the time for working with writing such as research and type faster.

Research can add values to your writing and helps to satisfy the clients, but is the most dangerous mistakes. Many writers cannot work faster because they spent much time for overload research and polish the article without plan. The following list will help to speed up your writing.

  • Interview client: prepare good questionnaires which is easy to get the information (30 minutes)
  • Research and develop ideas: both offline and online if possible, but you first focus on internet research. When need more information, find the ways to do it online or by phone (1.5 hours or less)
  • Sit and write: find a comfortable place to focus on writing and work offline to avoid distraction (1 hour)
  • Relax after first craft: take 20 minutes break (you can have two time of 10 minutes breaking), but do not on social media or TV, and I suggested finding a better place for closing your eyes (20 minutes)
  • Proofreading and Editing: print out the article or in reading view and go through article to check the relationship between each idea, and then read again carefully to make sure no grammar mistake (40 minutes)
  • You’ve done! Send your work to the client and hope no need any revision.

Linda charged $400 for 800 words, but how much did you charge from client?

The answer will surprise me when you charge higher than her, but I have to mumble more tips regarding to rating and pricing if your earnings is less than Linda.

A noted way to elevate the payment rate is do not rate your work as hour. Estimate how long you will spend to complete the project and how much you should charge from client. For instead, I spend four hours to complete 5000 word project thus I must charge $1000 if I want $250 an hour.

Other writers are charging less than a thousand bucks for a similar project, hence you might worry the clients will switch to others. Isn’t it? Up to a point as a cheaper price is a preferable choice, in fact not every client has trouble with the price of a service, but the quality and benefits of using the service. No matter how much you’re charging from client or how much the service is more expensive, but how much your service is better than other writers’.

The price isn’t a serious trouble, but the feature benefits what you provide to the client and what to make the service standout—not different from creating Fiverr’s gig. Client tends to clarify the preferred benefits what they will receive when use your writing service and why they should consider yours.

Linda gave her client four core values within her service,

  • Interview at least ten customers of the client’s company
  • Include five hundred word case study in the project
  • Do a hundred customers survey to prove the successful of the client’s company
  • Use keyword reached title to make the content list on the top of Google and other search engines

What can make your service better than her? Back to your quotation and find the difference between your service and Linda’s, and the following three questions are helpful for you.

  • Why is her quotation/service better than yours?
  • What part of her is better than yours?
  • How can you make your service better than her?

Linda provided four feature benefits to her client, so replicate those and add more values to influence the client. For example, you’re providing three extra benefits upon to Linda’s quotation.

  • include multi CTA (Call to Action) to make readers subscribed to client’s list
  • Help client to promote the content through social media and mailing list, or
  • Something else, I don’t know…

WARNING: clients have many experiences of buying and choosing the right service. Please do not list any fake benefits in your quotation although you need to persuade the client—it doesn’t work and you will never get it works.

Why You Should Avoid The Content Mills —Carol Tice

She wrote none technique to earn $250 an hours, but the article linked to useful resources if you’re interesting. I linked Carol Tice’s article as it’s a big motivation and the most reason why a freelance writer should avoid the Content Mills. Carol suggested skipping freelancer sites and proved that the high earning gig not exist over there, but the Content Mills.

The Content Mills is motivational and fast food which reward new writers to keep up with writing career, and I hope you learn how other freelancers work for living when go along with Fiverr. The reason, I wrote Fiverr tips and recommended the site. Now might be the right time to overlook since the Content Mills doesn’t teach how to earn $500,000 a year and even to become a great writer.

You are now big boy.  Point out the instincts or inborn talents inside yourself and tell others how much you’re good at this career, how much you’re better than others, and how much you fit to the higher price. You must confident to state that your payment rate is $50 an hour.

$50 an hour, is this what you want? Okay, whatever.

While you’re confident and intending higher earnings, you must have enough quality and reputation for persuading the clients and others in line of business. In fact, you have to achieve two important goals: create better brand reputation and enhance stronger relationship surround the business community.

People will pay thousand dollar for your writing service unless they believed it’s more worth than the price. Focus on creating higher quality works such as business article, white paper and business report helps to create better reputation and to avoid the Content Mills. Furthermore, exposing the business on famous companies and social media platform such LinkedIn helps to get more trust.

Prepare a list of where to expose your brand, setup a plan to advance the knowledge helps to improve better quality, and interact with other professional people to gain the reputation among social media platform.

E-Book Must Be A Noted Product For Writers

What if you wrote an e-book and put on Amazon at $10 per copy, and committed to make over 100,000 copies a year—you generate extra millions from the business.

It’s my preferred lifestyle. I plan to spend the last of my life for reading and writing book. A few months ago, I’ve written an ebook called How To Become A Jobless Blogger and finished over 50% of whole writing. However, I might cannot finish the book as I lost the document when my notebook broken.

The book is about a love story and experience of blogging, but isn’t a happy ending and successful story—the story fucked me up with the online job. I named it: How To Become A Jobless Blogger because I discovered the ways to make full time income while having no job. I spent 3 years working with blogging and survive.

I plan to start over and finish the book as soon as this year, but it might be an ignored plan. I didn’t give up the book, but postponed the plan. As the book contain my love and business story, I prefer to add more values, experiences, and stories to the book thus I delay.

Have you ever plan to write a book? I hope you have.

Amazon pays over $450,000 to kindle authors and many self-publishers are enjoying full income through selling books, depended on Forbes’ report and other statistics. To be an e-book writer isn’t for only habits and lifestyles, but the business and earning. Nearly half percent of freelance writers who became publishers earn much more money by publishing and selling books.

If you often visit and read my post, you’ll know a wonderful blogger and writer named Ryan Buddish because I mentioned his stories many times on my blogs. He built a great life using blog, and now is blogging from an Iceland of Thailand—Blogging from Paradise, he called his blog.

I’m not trying to push you with self-publishing, but it is a best choice if you are looking for the next level of successful of freelance writing career.

Are you ready to become a self-publisher?

Oh, wait! Do not hurry to answer the question, but you first need to watch the bellow video:

Hope you enjoy and the video guided to the right direction of self-publishing.

My Last Here

Congrats! You came a long way home by passed thousand words, and I can say you have a strong commitment and struggle to be a freelance writer. Wish article has clarified what you wondered.

CAUTION: You might spent one or two hours to read and understand how freelance writing works, but you might spend several months and even years to make the business works in real life.

The AIR (American Industrial Report) showed that fifty-three millions of American people are freelancers, and over half percent of those freelancers are writer. While over ten million people are enjoying full time and part time income with writing career, in fact the AIR didn’t report the people who failed and quit the business.

Although the AIR didn’t report the number of freelancers who failed and quitted, I’m sure it must be a majority of people and maybe more than number of freelancers who succeed the career.

To become a successful freelance writer isn’t as easy as read this article. You must spend more times and keep eyes on the business, and it can be months or years depend on how fast you learn from the business.

A single key could help you to success is DON’T EVER THINK ABOUT DESTROYING YOUR DREAM.

I wrote every my knowledge here thus I might have no more advice, but I need you to do me a favor: please subscribe the mail list if you love the article. I will find more useful tips for you as fast as possible. Wait! Hit a share button to share your friends this useful article.

  1. Tony 8 months ago

    If you are a bad writing, you can improve it with many other tools as well as read more how other writers have written their articles and learn from the way they wrote. I have been following up this way for a while and it’s good. Learn from other writers are always the best.
    Tony recently posted…Fix Your Connection Is Not Private Error On Google ChromeMy Profile

  2. Loretta 7 months ago

    Practice is definitely key. Sites like iWriter offer pay for short articles and can be good practice to get in the habit of writing daily and quickly on assigned topics. The pay starts low but if after you get some reviews you can earn a decent amount in places like that.

  3. Atish Ranjan 6 months ago

    Hello Kimsea,

    The topic is killer one!

    Poor writing can be improved by using tools like Grammarly, and with the help of friends who are expert writers. One thing is sure that you have to try and practice a lot to become a better writer.

    Liked your idea of using Google Docs!

    Nice post, mate.
    Atish Ranjan recently posted…Introducing 24x7forum.comMy Profile

  4. Lorraine Reguly 6 months ago

    Kimsea, you have some awesome content here. I’m very impressed with your ideas. However, you need to edit and republish this post. Check the URL. You’re “bat” at writing! (It should be “bad” not “bat.”)

    Perhaps you should invest ONCE in hiring me. I use the TRACK CHANGES feature in Word. This way, when you get your document back, you can CLEARLY SEE all the changes (edits) I make.

    By seeing them, you can then learn what mistakes you are making when writing.
    Lorraine Reguly recently posted…4 Phases to a Successful Online Author’s Life (+ how to become an author)My Profile

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 5 months ago

      Hey, Lorraine.

      Of course, I saw it, but I did some build to the url. I cannot change it will make me some broken like. The only I can do it is to direct the post to new url and I don’t want to redirect it.

      As I told you. I always think about choosing and editor, but I had limited budget at this time. Okay! I appreciate your offering, and you’re the first when I decided for editing my ebook.

      Have nice day.
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